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VW Trike Universal Extra Long Throttle Cables

VW trike throttle cable
This is THE standard ball, housing and ferrel for ALL contemporary motorcycle twist grips!!!!!

You can purchase all kinds of different twist grip sets online, on eBay and at your local motorcycle shops.

STEP ONE: Just figure out where you need to cut the cable length on your finished trike -- with gas tank, body, seats, frame, etc already in place so that you can be sure not to cut too short. Just run it to set up exactly as on a VW bug with the outer casing to the stop on the throttle tube gong through the engine shroud.

STEP TWO: Mark where you need to cut

STEP THREE: Remove the inner cable in a clean area

STEP FOUR: Cut the outer cable at your mark.

STEP FIVE: Replace the inner cable while lightly greasing it for longer life using -- preferably with graphite lubricant such as used for locks to prevent gumming up problems.

STEP SIX: Run the inner cable to the carb linkage and connect it leaving a few extra inches of slack in case way down the road you need to replace your twist grip lead ball and lose some length on the inner cable in the process.

COSMIC CUSTOMS VW TRIKE THROTTLE CABLE INSTRUCTIONS: NOTE: Greasing the inner cable (white lithium grease) can help extend the life of the cable.

Cut down the carburetor end of the cable to get the length you need. Do NOT cut the ball end.

Set the ball end up in the throttle and run the cable back from there.

Be sure to leave a good bit of extra slack and do not make any sharp turns in the cable. Turns and kinks that are too sharp will cause too much resistance in operating the cable and this will cause excessive wear on the cable typically resulting in the ball end breaking off after only a short amount of use. To get a reasonable amount of life out of your cable, make sure there are not sharp turns. The weak spot in a throttle cable is the throttle end stop device (ball). Excessive drag in the cable from too tight of curves anywhere in the cable will result in the throttle ball breaking off at an early age. Once you have run the cable to the point where the outer cable housing will spot, mark the stop point on the cable housing with a piece of masking tape. Then withdraw the inner cable from the throttle end until the inner cable is up past where you need to cut the outer cable so that you do not cut the inner cable yet.

Cut the outer cable housing at the marked spot.

Set the outer cable housing into its stop point.

Then push the inner cable back through the housing and into the throttle linkage and set it.

Then cut the extra inner cable off BUT be sure to leave yourself a few inches extra sticking out. The extra cable will allow you to be able to repair the cable if after years of use the ball end begins to break off. You can then have a shop put a new ball end on and run again without replacing the entire cable. If you don't leave yourself a few extra inches, you won't be able to do that.
VW trike throttle cable routing

If you don't already have a VW trike throttle cable hosing stop set-up at the engine/shroud end of the system, then you will need to set something. There are a million ways to set up a cable housing stop/holder.
Click here for a full-size version of the image below of one common and easy ways to do it...
VW trike throttle cable routing


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